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Theater Shenanigans

Dateline: 1970

Movie night. It'd do the team a world of good, Miss Pauling said. Get them off the base for a while to unwind, she said. She even went so far as to rent out an entire theater in town so they would have the place to themselves (though that was more likely for the safety of the town residents).

Deciding on a movie was a bit of a to-do. Engie would have preferred a western but both of the Scouts loudly booed that idea. To no one's surprise Soldier wanted to see the new war movie, and to no one's surprise he went into a full on sulk when nobody agreed with him. The lady Heavy's suggestion of a musical was quickly quashed by pretty much everyone except for Demo and the lady Engineer, and Miss Pauling herself nixed Medic's idea of seeing the disaster movie (because they might get ideas). So that more or less left the mercenaries with two options, a cutesy cat cartoon or a horror film about a vampire.

They chose the latter...which would have been fine had the Soldier not fallen asleep five minutes in and started snoring. Or if Scout had not been laughing his butt off at the most inappropriate times and annoying the living crap out of anyone sitting within a three row radius.

Unfortunately, Scout had forgotten an important rule when dealing with his teammates, the Medic in particular; never irritate someone who knows their way around a medikit and has access to heavy-duty tranquilizers.

Soon enough, Scout's snoring joined that of the Soldier...and all was right with the world.

“Care for some popcorn, mein fraü?”

“Aw, ya shouldn't have.”


A bit of silliness mixed with some not-so-subtle Speeding Bullet and Science Party. (because I think they're cute, gosh darnit :P)

Team Fortress 2 is (c) Valve

Made in Source Filmmaker

Female Engineer and Female Heavy models by ChemicalAlia
Female Scout model by MaxofS2D
Casual Medic and Casual Heavy models by Doctor Boom

My fave pokémon from the original 151, crafted out of 11/0 delica beads and 15/0 rocailles in sculptural peyote and herringbone stitch and attached to a keychain.

I has a happy. :)
I promise there is something OTHER than SFM posing coming soon!

My art interests go in spurts. For a while I was on a crochet kick, for a while I was making soap, and now I'm back on a beading binge. There are a couple of projects in the works and several more that are finished that I just have not photographed and submitted yet. My camera is being a pain in the tushie...

...though I'm still having way too much fun with Source those will still happen. :P
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